Shea Abshier grew up with deep familial roots in the state of Texas. He was born, raised and began playing music in Stephenville, TX. While learning to play guitar, piano, bass and write songs, he developed a myriad of musical interests that shape his music today. 

In spring of 2017 Shea formed his current band, Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers, and the following January the band released its debut studio album, Potluck. Shea and his Nighthowler compatriots are emerging as a part of the new generation taking the reins in a region steeped in accomplishment. While the band draws from the regional sound, the Nighthowlers create  music that is as undeniably unique as it is rock and roll. 

The band’s latest album, Turning Point, was released April 20, 2019. The Album is a sampling from the diverse melting pot that is Texas Music with an unshakable rock and roll foundation. As its name suggests, the album tells a story of facing trials, heartaches and difficult times with perseverance and humility in order to ultimately find growth. 

The Nighthowlers are composed of Shea Abshier, Paul Oliger on lead guitar, Chase Chancellor on Drums and Monty Scrogum on bass. toegether These four friends make up more than a band; they are a family. Shea says,

“Music is my calling. It'd be selfish to say that music has played a huge roll in my life, because I’m pretty sure music touches everyone. That's why I play it.”